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    The Girlfriend Friday Club is a way to celebrate and motivate your girlfriends. There are no membership or subscription fees. Your purchase makes you a member.

    Girlfriend Friday Club 
  • rePURPOSEd Originals

    Let's do our part to help save the planet. rePURPOSEd Originals takes old items and repurpose them into new ones.

    rePURPOSEd Originals 
  • The Wrist Connector

    The Wrist Connector is handcrafted jewelry made with gemstones. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and so do gemstones.

    The Wrist Connector 
  • WOE Words On Everything

    Words On Everything aka WOE gives you a chance to express yourself to the world without having to say it.

    WOE Words On Everything 

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Girlfriend Friday Club

Girlfriend Friday Club

Girlfriend Friday Club is a brand that supports and motivates women to... 

rePURPOSEd Originals

Helping to save the planet never looked so good.


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Thrifted Corner

You don't have to break the bank to break necks. They still will be looking old or new. Shop here for new and gently used women's clothing, shoes and accessories. Check back often for new arrivals.